About why the drill pipe broke

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1. Material and processing

(1) Drill pipe material. Today, the market of drilling materials is relatively chaotic, dishonest merchants shoddy, the vast majority of users only consider low prices, and do not have the ability to distinguish the quality of the pipe, indiscriminate purchase. Many users spent a high price to buy a secondary material pipe.

(2)Processing quality. The quality mainly depends on the processing standard of the connecting thread, the type of the processing buckle, the processing quality, the processing precision and so on. Mainly depends on the equipment, mainly divided into ordinary lathe processing (do not guarantee thread size does not guarantee straightness), single-head CNC machining (ensure thread size does not guarantee straightness), double-head CNC machining (ensure thread size guarantees straightness);

(3)Heat treatment process. Such as tempering and hardening treatment.


(1)It is recommended that the drill pipe and matching drill bits, reducer joints, faucets, etc. should choose the same manufacturer.

(2)To ensure the unity of standards, to achieve the best compatibility.

(3)More than 2 manufacturers of things mixed use.

3.Field use

(1) The operation pressure can not be too large, once stuck, can not be savage;

(2) During the relocation process, it should be handled lightly and not thrown about.

(3) During the process of unpacking the thread, do not use a sledgehammer to strike hard.

(4) The drill pipe has a service life, and it should be replaced as a whole if it exceeds the service period. You can’t change half or a few;

(5) If the thread is found to be badly worn, it should be replaced immediately.

(6) Avoid the mixed use of discarded drill pipe and new drill pipe.  

4.Drilling technology

(1) Reasonable drill tool grading, maintain a reasonable outer ring gap, use appropriate drag reducer, maintain the lubricity of the mud, reduce the rotary resistance of the drill tool.

(2) Prevent drilling overdiameter, the bending of the drill pipe, resulting in the fracture of the drill pipe.

(3) Reasonable drilling process parameters, too high weight on bit and too high speed are easy to lead to drill pipe fracture.

(4) In the case of complex formation, the use of rope core drilling, should adopt the corresponding treatment measures, otherwise the drill pipe fracture accidents continue to occur.

(5) Avoid strong upsetting and twisting during operation.

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