Pilot Junk Mill

API Pilot Junk Mill, Flat Bottom Junk Mill and Taperde Mill

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Pilot Junk Mill

Pilot Junk Mill can be inserting into milling fishtop of fishes water-hole from the polit part. Guide Mill Shoe can be using for milling inner bore and fish-top, or the unfixed fishes ( just like drill pipe, drill collar and tubing etc. ) The milling surface can be made of carbide alloy, and the water groove on mill body can make the drilling fluids flow.

Pilot Junk Mill
Pilot Junk Mills

Flat Bottom Junk Mill

Junk Mill can be dividing into three kinds: flat-bottom (or concave-bottom) milling shoe, guide milling shoe and cone milling shoe, according to its structure and shape. At the milling surface, the carbide particles are built up by welding, which plays a part of self-milling. It is using to mill the fallen substances, such as tooth wheel, slipdog, fittings for deep-well pump, etc. with the advantages of anti impact and longer service life.

Flat Bottom Junk Mill
Flat Bottom Junk Mills

Tapered Mill

The Tapered Mill is using to recover bore size. It is mainly using to mill collapsed casing or eliminate restrictions, and can clear mineral crystals and some other hard debris stranding on the well wall.

Tapered Mill
Tapered Mill

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Q2. How about your delivery time? A2: Generally, it will take 35 working days after receiving your deposit payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order. Sometimes we have standard machines in stock.

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