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Drilling tools casing scraper API down hole tools and cleaning casing scraper for drilling

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Casing Scraper is ideal for the removal of dirt which may be left over the inside walls of casing, such as solid cement, hard wax, various salt crystals or deposits, perforation burrs, iron oxide residues resulting from rusting, so as to make all down hole tools pass through unblocking. Especially when a small circular clearance is available between the down hole tools and casing inside diameter, the complete scrapping becomes more necessary before further working. At present in the large petroleum well scrapping in the internal wall of casing by use of casing scraper is a necessary step.

Model “EQH”

Drilling tools Casing Scraper can be using with Model “EQM/QC” Tool together. Annular
blade and lower blade can flex according to the inwall fouling of casing as to realize the successive
layers of scraping. Meanwhile, it can twirl mutually between blade and mandrel. The mandrel can
connect with outer barrel through spline as to realize the torque transmission.

Casing Scraper
Casing Scraper

Model “EGQM”

Drilling tools Casing Scraper can be using with Model “EGQH/QC” Tool together. Up-down brush can wash and clean the inwall of scraped casing. The casing wall can be cleaning up again
after scraping (GGQH). The down brush can used mianly in shallow hole; when reach to the deep
hole, the down brush will be worn, and the up brush can extend out automatically for operation.

API Casing Scraper
API Casing Scraper

Model EGQX

High-efficient casing scraper makes its scraping actions by the scraper plate
installed in the casing scraper. It clears away the cement, scrap iron, artillery shells, burrs,
paraffins, greasy dirt and other debris in the casing pipe to protect the formation from being
polluted and meanwhile ensures the successful completion of tool setting.

High-efficient Casing Scraper
API High-efficient Casing Scraper

Casing Scraper

  • Full circle blades contact 600° surface at once.
  • Short, compact, easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Longer guide taper on blades for passing through joints without hanging.
  • Vertical and rotary operation may be run on wireline or drill pipe.
  • Investment cast tool steel blades allows maximum scraping ability.

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