Oil drilling equipment API Shock Sub


Hydraulic Shock Sub

Model “YJ” Hydraulic Shock Sub should be mounting on the drilling string near the bit, absorbing or reducing axial vibration and thrust load of the drilling string. And it has a good results for prolonging. The service life of the bit and protecting the drilling tools and the surface equipment.

Two-Way Shock Sub

Model “SJ” Two-Way Shock Sub should be mounted on drill string which is near the bit. It can slow or sorbs the longitudinal bounce and peripheral torque impact of drill bit (drill string) simultaneously. It should realize the best fitting of drill pressure and rotation rate as to reduce the drill cost and improve the drilling efficiency. You can be using for the drill-in or coring of hard layer, gravel layer and soft-hard interlayer.

Mechanlcal-Hydraullc Shock Sub

Model “DHJ” Mechanical -Hydraulic Shock Sub. Which can adopt the dished spring and silicone oil, is a two-action shock sub, being able to absorb the bounce and jounce of drill tool. It has advantages of good serviceability, high load bear and long service life. It has a characteristic of changing the rigidity as to protect the bit optimally, suiting the requirement of different layer.

Heavy Welght Shock Absorber

Model JZ – J Heavy shock sub, using high strength alloy steel as main body material, meet the requirements of more demanding environment. On the basis of improve product performance, greatly increase the product life cycle, at the same time, using a lower friction torque transmission form “Point contacts» type drilling splined structure and rubber as damping elements, has big stiffness absorbing effect and long service life.

Cam Shock Absorber

Cam-type double acting shock absorber is a kind of double acting shock absorber which can reduce or eliminate longitudinal. And circumferential vibration of drill string at the same time. It maintains normal weight on bit and torque, thereby reducing vibration damage to bits, drilling tools, and surface equipment, resulting in increased ROP and reduced drilling costs.

Top Drive Shock Absorber

Type DQJ Top Drive Shock Absorber is a new type of wellhead top drive shock sub. Which is connected between top drive and DP. The mainly using to protect top drive when drilling tool trips in shallow Wells. It absorbs the bouncing and vibration of the drilling tool through the compression of two damping spring elements. Disc spring and silicone oil. It has shock absorption function in both tension and compression, which can effectively reduce the vibration impact of bouncing on the top drive, and then has a good protective effect on top drive.

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