Common oil drill pipe sizes are from 2 7/8 “to 5” od, steel grade E75, X95, G105, S135

API classifieds drillpipe steel into five grades: D, E, 95(X), 105(G), and 135(S).

API 5DP standards are divided into three types: R1:6.10~7.01 m R2:8.84~9.75 m R3:12.19~13.72 m

Seamless steel pipe for drilling pipe is used in the oil industry for seamless steel pipe

 drill pipe is a steel pipe with a threaded end that is used to connect the rig’s surface equipment to the drilling and grinding equipment or bottom hole unit located at the bottom of the drill.

R1:6.10 ~ 7.01 m; R2:8.84 ~ 9.75 m; R3:12.19 ~ 13.72 m

For assemblies on the drill string, the weight per unit length of the weighted drill string is moderate. The drill pipe is a heavy wall body with an extended joint.

The property of the weighted drill pipe is that it can withstand pressure like a drill collar. A unique feature of the weighted drill pipe is the wear belt in the middle of the drill pipe. The wear belt acts as a stabilizer to increase the stiffness of the weighted drill pipe in the drill string and reduce well deviation

The drill collar is attached to the drill pipe for overall weight to prevent deviation. The inner diameter of the drill collar is smaller than that of the drill pipe and the weight is larger than that of the drill pipe

Drill collars are designed to facilitate tripping operation. Hanger groove and slip groove can be machined on the outer surface of the inner thread of drill collars.

Drill collar dimensions in 3 1/8 3 1/2 4 1/8 4 3/4 5 6 6 1/4 6 1/4 6 1/2 6 6 3/4 7 7 7 1/4 7 3/4

Non-magnetic drill collar is made of low carbon high chromium manganese alloy steel, which is refined after strict chemical composition ratio and forged to achieve its mechanical properties. It has good low permeability, high strength mechanical properties, excellent intergranular corrosion cracking resistance and excellent wear resistance

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