How to use drill string and drill tools,and how to maintain drill tools

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Drill pipe is widely used in mining, geological drilling, oil and gas exploration and other fields. As an important part of the whole drill string, drill pipe plays a decisive role in the drilling process. The quality of drill pipe, maintenance and maintenance have an important impact on the field use effect, the occurrence of drill pipe accidents, construction costs, etc. The following is only the use of friction welding drill pipe and maintenance management in the construction site, to talk about their own shallow understanding.

At present, the commonly used drill pipe pipe body in domestic oil and gas industry mainly includes: E75, X95, G105 and S135 steel grades. The joint material of drill pipe is mostly SAE4137H. And the outer diameter of drill pipe body is 2 3/8 “~ 6 5/8”, with a variety of specifications. The higher the steel grade of drill pipe, the higher the strength and carrying capacity. One caveat: When it comes to choosing drill pipe, higher strength is not always better.

Because in drilling fluid medium, corrosion fatigue strength of drill pipe decreases. With the increase of steel grade, that is, in corrosive environment. High-steel drill pipe is more sensitive to corrosive media, corrosion fatigue strength decreases more, and corrosion fatigue fracture accidents are more likely to occur. It is recommending that users choose the most suitable drill pipe basing on the actual situation. In the field basing on the principle of “choosing the lowest steel pipe as long as the strength requirements are met”. This reduces the procurement cost and the chance of accidents.

pup joint
pup joint

The overall structure of friction welding drill pipe

The friction welded drill pipe consists of internal and external threaded joints. And the pipe body connected into a whole by friction welding. The drill pipe rotates under the drive of the turntable or the power head, transfers the power to the bit at the bottom of the hole. And delivers the drilling fluid to the cutting surface of the bit. The drill pipe occupies a very important position in the whole drilling construction.

At present, there are two main standards for friction welding drill pipe producing by most drill pipe manufacturers in China. The oil and gas industry standard SY/T 5114-2014 of the People’s Republic of China. And API 5DP drill pipe specification implementing by the American Petroleum Institute. Which is widely recognizing in the world. These two standards have made clear requirements on the parameters and performance indicators of drill pipe body, joints, friction welding area and other parts. Which can be using as the main reference basis for the selection of drill pipe and quality evaluation.


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