Innovation Product-Integral Drill Pipe

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Integral Drill Pipe

Traditional drill pipe (figure 3) as per APl specification is manufactured by welding the standard connection to the pipe body. lts technology is complicating. And mechanical property of weld zone is obviously lower. Which caused drill pipe fracture in the process of use.

That thread contacts mud under high pressure inside the pipe body in well easily causes. The drill pipe to be puncturing by mud. With respect to the problems in using drill pipe manufactured as per APl. Our company developed ELT-Z integral drill pipe(figure 4).

  • Pipe body and connections are integrally heat treating. The mechanical property of pipe body is identical to that of connections. Thus, there is impossibility of fracture causing by low property.
  • Both ends of thread are sealing to prevent thread from being corroding by mud under high pressure. And to enhance the anti-puncture ability of thread.
  • Our company applies special type of thread. lt has larger lift compared to 60 traditional thread of number style. Moreover,, the thread does not produce radial component force when it is lifting,which enhances the anti-corrosion ability of thread.
  • Compared with the traditional drill pipe. Drill pipe does not need to be welding.The technology is simple and the cost is low.
API Integral Drill Pipe
Integral Drill Pipe

Refuse mediocrity; continue to make progress; spare no efforts to be number one in the drillpipe industry.

In the new materials, our company developed ELT-S anti-H2S drill pipe. In new technology, it developed doubleshoulder and high anti-torque drill pipe. Especially in the structure. It broke through the traditionaldrill pipe and creatively developed integral drill pipe, such as ELT-Z ELT-L ELT-H. Our companydevotes to petroleum industry with new science and new technology.

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