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High-efficient fishing magnet is a fishing tool to recycle the scrap iron and dirt
produced in petroleum, geological drilling, fixing casing pipes and cleaning operations. While the magnetic mince is adsorbing on the outer tube of the magnetic loop and the mince which can not
be absorbing for the cycle will be depositing in the recycling bin and is taken out of the well. It has
simple structure, convenient operation and reliable performance. It sucks up the smaller falling
objects with the permanent magnet of itself to salvage the fallen objects effectively, so as to
achieve the purpose of cleaning the bottom of the well.

Fishing Magnet
Fishing Magnet

API Fishing Magnet

Fishing Magnet can be using with Model GGQH/GGQM Tool together as to recover the contamination which cannot be reversing out by circulating liquid after scraping (GGQH & GGQM). And the magnetic broken substances are abosrbing on magnetic loop; some that cannot be absorbing will settle in the recovery canister as to bring out the wellhead.

API Fishing Magnet
API Fishing Magnet

The strong magnetic overshot is a tool for retrieving small objects that fall downhole in petroleum and geological drilling work. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, reliable performance, small size and light weight. It uses its own magnet to catch the drill clip that falls into the well. , palms, cones, bearings, slip bodies, slip teeth, jaws and other tools and other small fallen objects are magnetizing and sucking up, thereby effectively salvaging small fallen objects and purifying the bottom of the well. The strong magnetic salvage device relies on magnets to absorb magnetized falling objects.

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