API 7-1 Oilfield fishing tools female fishing tap /die collar and taper tap for oilfield equipment


Die collar and Taper tap

During drilling process,drilling fishing cup is applled mainly for fishing of shivers and fallen objects such as carbide tooth,drill bit and bearing which can not be carried out of hole by conventional fluid circulation,etc It possesses important functions to keep hole toe cleaning,increase bit service life,reduce and prevent drill bit from unexpected damage.
Fishing tools taper taps and die collars are manufactured from high-grade alloy steel and cemented to ensure the highest strength. They are available in a wide range of sizes, and can be equipped with different types of guides.


Model Hole Size (mm) ThreadConn. I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm)
LB94 108~117.5 2 3/8 REG 19 94
LB102 117.5~124 2 7/8 REG 32 102
LB114 130~149 3 1/2 REG 38 114
LB127 152.4~162 3 1/2 REG 38 127
LB140 165~190.5 3 1/2 REG 38 140
LB168 190.5~216 4 1/2 REG 57 168
LB178 219~244.5 4 1/2 REG 57 178
LB190 229~273 4 1/2 REG 57 190
LB197 235~279.5 4 1/2 IF 70 197
LB219 244~295 6 5/8 REG 76 219
LB229 254~305 6 5/8 REG 76 229
LB245 292~330 6 5/8 REG 76 245
LB280 330~375 7 5/8 REG 76 280
LB311 327~375 7 5/8 REG 76 311
LB327 375~444.5 7 5/8 REG 76 327
LB340 386~456 7 5/8 REG 76 340


1.Taper tap is a special fishing tool making thread on the inside wall of tube dropped objects such as drill pipe and oil tube. It is either plain or fluted with longitudinal grooves which allow the easy evacuation of cutting. The hardened cutting length (wickers) are available with either right-hand or left-hand spiral.
2.Die Collar is a special external fishing tools which is engaging on the outside wall of tubing objects such as oul tubing and drill pipe.Like taper taps, it can be fluting with grooves for easy elimination of the cutting. It is bevelling at the base and can be easily engaging in the fish head. It can be either plain or threading for fitting various types of guides.


Due to the fact that the O.D. of external bowl of fishing cup is bigger and a smaller circular space is available between extemal bowl of fishig cup and well hole;the mandrel diameter at cup mouth is larger so that it has a bigger annular space,therefore,the fluid at the cup mouth form a swirls and suddenly fall down so as to reduce the carrying capacity. By this way,some heavy objects will drop in cup and be fishing out so that the purpose of cleaning ofhole toe is carriing out.

Die Collar Note:
When ordering, please specify: Top connection required、I. D of fish to be retrieving 、 O.D.

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