API Top Drive Spare Parts LOWER IBOP,inside BOP


IBOP for top drive can be divided into Upper IBOP and Lower IBOP; they are control valves which are used with the top drive system. Usually the two valves connected to the top drive drilling device. The IBOP adopts high reliable metal seal. So it can bear high pressure upward and downward. The working pressure can be achieving 10000 psi or 15000 psi. When well kick occurring, The upper IBOP can be closing by remote controlling, but the lower IBOP will be closing manually. Actuator for top drive is a subsidiary body which controls open and close of Upper IBOP. It works with other accessories of the rig, so that control opening and closing of Upper BOP on any height of derrick driller console. Both the valve body cavity and accessories have special Anti-corrosive processing, so that prolong the working life.
Model NFQ inner blowout preventer (Grey Valve) is a necessary blowout preventing device during drilling process specified by IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors). If any well kick or overflow occurs, the inner blowout preventer shall be using. Because the important thing at this moment is to land the drilling rods into the well as many as possible, and this can be done only by installing a pressure- returning device in the drill string.

1. Available with a wide variety of sizes and end connections;
2. Two piece body with full drift bores;
3. Operating wrench and thread protectors included;
4. Major repair kits available for every valve;
5. Comes with certified test report;
6. Identifiable open and close markings;
7. Can be H2S corrosion resistant as per NACE MR0175.


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