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R780 double tube drill rod Geological Core Geological Drill Pipes 3 1/2 S-135 3m


ELITE manufactures wireline drill rods, from WLA to WLP, Parallel Threaded Drill Rods, DCDMA sizes AW-HW, and Metric sizes 42mm to 90mm, tapered threaded drill rods, DCDMA sizes AWY to NWY, AWJ, BWJ and S75 drill rods.Used for the mineral exploration with a high quality!

Drill rod body with high quality geological alloy steel pipe,
Material of connector: First-class alloy constructional stell.
welding Craft:
Thermal refining in vacuum, which greatly improves the fatigue resistance and with long time use.
Geological drill pipe Application:
Mainly used for gas drainage hole, also widely used for mining, geology exploration, hydroeceltric dam.

Size Available/ Diameter: Ø42, Ø50, Ø60, Ø70, Ø90mm


Drill Pipe Diameter (inch) Thickness Type Steel Pipe Grade Pipe Wall Thickness Connection Tool Joint Diameter(mm) Thread  Weight(kg)
1.6″ EU DZ50 6.5 Φ57 1:16 5.7
R780 6.5
2″ EU,IU DZ50 6.5 Φ65, Φ68 1:16 7
N80,R780 6.5
2 3/8″ EU,IU E75,R780 7 Φ75, Φ78 NC26 9.4
E75,G105 7.11
2 7/8″ EU,IU N80,R780 9 Φ95, Φ105 NC31 14.2
E75,G105 9.11
3 1/2″ EU,IU N80,R780 9.5/10 Φ121, Φ127 NC38 18.6
E75,G105 9.3 19

2.Tensile performances of API drill pipe:

Steel Grade Yield Strength  Tensile Strength
Min(Mpa) Max(Mpa) Min(Mpa) Max(Mpa)
E-75 517 724 100 689
R780 520 666 780 876

1. The drill rod body is made of high quality geological special alloy steel pipe, and the drill rod joint is made of high quality
alloy structural steel. After vacuum quenching and tempering treatment, the fatigue strength and shear strength are largely
2. Adopting advanced friction welding technology, the drill pipe has the characteristics of high bending strength and strong
3. The production equipment completely adopts advanced CNC processing equipment, high production efficiency, high quality and stability.
4. It can guarantee the straightness requirements in deep hole drilling. This product has high fatigue strength and long service life.
5. According to the actual needs of users, we can design and produce various special specifications and performance drilling tools.

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