For Sales Manufacture API 5DP oil drill pipe HWDP /5 1/2″ Integral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe


API 5DP Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) For oil gas drilling

Integral Spiral HWDP is to extend the central upsets of heavy weight drill pipe and to cut spiral.

groove on HWDP.

Drilling rig HWDP Integral Spiral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe are made of 4145H alloy structural steel. Production complies with the provisions under the Standard SY/T 5146-1997. Connector screws comply with the provisions of the Standard API SPEC 7-1.

Material: E75/X95/G105/S135
OD: 2 3/8 oilfield pipe weight to 6 5/8″
Wall Thickness: 6.45mm to 12.7mm
Length: R1(6.10-7.01meters) R2(8.84-9.75meters) R3(12.19-13.72meters)
Hard band: Arnco100XT,Arnco200XT and Arnco300XT; Botn1000, Botn3000, TCS8000, TCS-Titanium,Armacor M etc. Also we can make
according to customers’ requirements.


Product Name API 5DP standard HWDP/AISI 4145H Integral HWDP in oil and gas well drilling with hard facing and coating
Standard API 5DP
Grade Drill Pipe Body PSL.1: E, X, G, S / PSL.2: G, S
Tool Joint PSL.1, PSL.2, PSL.3
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Ton
Outside Diameter Ranges 23/8 inch to 65/8 inch
Wall Thickness 6.45mm to 12.70mm
Length R1: 6.10-7.01m / R2: 8.84-9.75m / R3: 12.19-13.72
Type Seamless / Welded
Upset Style IU, EU, IEU
Rotary Shouldered Connection Style NC40, NC46, NC26, NC31, NC38, NC50, 51/­2FH, 65/8FH

Material: E75/X95/G105/S135

OD: 2 3/8 oilfield pipe weight to 6 5/8″

Wall Thickness: 6.45mm to 12.7mm

Length: R1(6.10-7.01meters) R2(8.84-9.75meters) R3(12.19-13.72meters)

Hard band: Arnco100XT, Arnco200XT and Arnco300XT; Botn1000, Botn3000, TCS8000, TCS-Titanium, Armacor M etc. Also we can make according to customers’ requirements.

Standard: API 5DP hwdp

RSC Type: NC26 NC31 NC38 NC40 NC46 NC50 NC55 6-5/8FH

UPSET: EU(External upset) IU(Internal upset) IEU(Internal & External upset)

Technical: Hot Rolled

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