Steel for petroleum tools AISI 4330V Solid Bar alloy steel bar


AISI 4330V Solid Bar Alloy Steel Bar(AMS 6411 VAR – UNSK23080)
Dia. 20-900mm
L: 1000 – 12000mm
Standard: ASTM A29/A29M
Condition: Quenched + Tempered

AISI/SAE 4330V Solid Bar is an American standard high-strength alloy structural steel that can achieve high strength, permeability and impact-resistant toughness through appropriate heat treatment.

AISI 4330V steel is a hardened and tempered high-strength alloy and vacuum arc remelted (VAR) rare material consisting of nickel, chromium and molybdenum in a vacuum. SAE4330V generally delivered round steel has strength and high resistance to crack growth as well as low temperature impact properties.

Main characteristics of SAE4330VMOD conditioning and tempering.

4330VMOD is a new material designed through composition optimization based on 4330. It is mainly used for ultra-high strength requirements in oil well equipment and has the following good characteristics:

(1) It has high strength, and currently we can provide quenched and tempered steel pipes with a yield strength of more than 155KSI.

(2) It has high toughness and plasticity. After tempering, it can maintain high toughness and plasticity on the basis of high strength.

(3) It has high hardenability and can currently be quenching and tempering thick-walling steel pipes with a wall thickness of up to 2 inches (50.8mm). The cross-section structure of the steel pipe is uniform (full sorbite structure) and the cross-section hardness difference is ≤3HRC.

(4) It has small cold working deformation and can effectively eliminate residual stress due to high tempering stability.

VDE:EN31 EN24 EN19 20MnCr5 SAE4140 SAE8620 EN353

AISI 4330V / SAE 4330V Solid Round Bars, Flat Bars & Forged Bars

Longitudinal Tensile Properties:
Property Value
Tensile Strength 220 ksi
Yield Strength 0.2% offset 185 ksi
Elongation 10%
Reduction of Area 35%
Chemical Composition:
Symbol Element Min % Max %
C Carbon 0.28% 0.33%
Mn Manganese 0.65% 1.00%
Si Silicon 0.15% 0.35%
P Phosphorus 0.02%
S Sulfur 0.02%
Cr Chromium 0.75% 1.00%
Ni Nickel 1.65% 2.00%
Mo Molybdenum 0.35% 0.50%
V Vanadium 0.05% 0.10%
Cu Copper 0.35%
Forging 1950° – 2255° F (1066° – 1235° C)
Machinability Normalize & temper at 1250° F (675° C) prior to machining. Machining at max strength is usually followed by stress relieving
Welding Arc or Resistance Flash weldable


Typical applications of 4330V grade steel:
Drill shoes
Drill jars
Drilling EquipmentAircraft Landing GearTool Holding ComponentsHigh lmpact Machine Parts

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