What should we pay attention to when using api drill pipes

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Construction accidents are frequent and geological conditions are complicating. Drill pipe is the most common consumable in drilling engineering, but also a key part of the rig, so the performance of drill pipe on the progress of drilling engineering projects will have a great impact.

So the drill pipe body is selecting geological special alloy steel pipe, and the api drill pipes joint by friction welding.

So it has a good steering and high compressive strength. It can be using in traditional exploration and coal seam gas drainage. Therefore, the proper use and maintenance of drill pipe is a qualified rig operator must have the ability to work. Here are the things you need to pay attention to when using drill pipe?

5ct drill pipe
API 5DP drill pipe
  1. the drill pipe needs to be regularly maintaining.
  2. Determine the maintenance period, and do a good job of anti-corrosion and anti-pollution work.
  3. the use of drill pipe needs to match the rated torque of the drill machine, according to the specifications and performance of the drill pipe selected.
  4. When the drill pipe is using with the drill bit. The diameter of the drill pipe should be greater than the diameter of the drill pipe under normal circumstances.
  5. in the whole process of drilling should always pay attention to the rig and drill pipe. In case of stuck drilling, holding and other conditions. Drilling should be stopping immediately or slowly drilling after drilling to ensure that the drill pipe is not stuck.
  6. drill pipe in the exhaust or pressure test, drilling to confirm whether the drill pipe is closely connecting. Drill pipe with seals, such as O-ring seals, should pay attention to the use of seals, in the event of damage, corrosion and other conditions. To replace the seals immediately. After drilling, it is necessary to maintain and clean the seals.
  7. the drill pipe connection should be gently twisting by hand to ensure that the male and female threads are correctly connecting.
  8. And can not be directly connecting with the drill pipe to avoid the wrong connection of the drill pipe thread. Resulting in thread damage caused by scratching.
  9. if the bend of the drill pipe after use is higher than the standard requirements or the joint thread damage can not work normally. Should be immediately scrapping or repairing.
  10. according to the drill pipe technical standards. To ensure that the drilling depth and geological conditions of the drill pipe meet the standard. To avoid the drill pipe due to drilling depth exceeding the limit, resulting in drill pipe falling off accidents.
  11. When working in strong acid and alkali areas, pay special attention to the anti-corrosion maintenance of drill pipe. When drilling, water should be using to remove the etching layer on the surface of the rod body.
  12. the drill pipe needs to be storing in the dry place, the bottom should have a support point, long-term storage needs to maintain the drill pipe on time.
  13. API drill pipes above can not be stacking heavy and used as support. Can not be placing in the sand, material pile or random accumulation.
  14. Anti-rust treatment of drill pipe. After slag removal and maintenance, thread grease should be appling and protective cap should be fastening for preservation to ensure stable performance of drill pipe.

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